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Hewlwtt Packward is an American electronic company. This company has set its domain in the market since 1984.  Nowadays every household has a printer but most of them are HP. The greatest thing about HP is that its reliability is very high.  Talking about the ranking, HP is ranked 58th largest United states corporation by total revenue and it’s also the 2nd largest personal computer as of January 2021. It operates in 170 countries, and it uses the power, ideas put together to work for everyone, everywhere.  The main printers that have their popularity in the markets are Laser printers and inkjet printers.  With the HP smart app, you can scan, share and print images from wherever you want.

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HP Com Setup - Ways to Connect HP Printer to Router (Wireless Setup)

Use “” to Install the HP Wireless Printer on Windows

To install an HP wireless printer on your Windows operating system, follow the simple instructions below:

  • Activate your printer to complete the setup
  • Connect the HP printer to the WiFi router at this time. Check the previously described steps if you don’t know how to complete it.
  • In order to get the drivers for the HP printer model you are now using, go to “123” page.
  • Go to the folder where the drivers are stored after the download is complete.
  • To install the drivers on your PC, double-click the driver and follow the simple on-screen instructions.

Once an installation is complete, follow these instructions to add the printer to your PC.

Click the “Device and Printer” option in the “Control Panel” menu.

Control Panel

  • On the next prompt window, click on the “Add Printer” at the top right corner.

When you select “Add Printer,” a tab will display from which you may choose your printer before clicking “next” to proceed.
Wait a quick while before connecting the PC and HP wireless printer.

Using “ setup,” your HP wireless printer setup on Windows is now complete, and you can try printing any document as just a sample.

How do I use “” to connect my HP printer to a Mac?

Follow these instructions to connect a Mac computer to an HP wireless printer: 123.hp/setup or

  • Make sure the printer is turned on first.
  • Then connect a wifi router to your HP printer (we have mentioned the steps for the same previously)
  • Download your printer’s driver for MAC OS from the HP website at “”
  • Double-click the driver to start the installation process after it has been downloaded.
  • After installation, move on to the MAC’s following step of connecting the printer.
  • Select “System and Preference” from the menu on your Apple device.

connect my HP printer to Mac

  • Select “Printer and Scanners” from the list now.
  • Click the “+” sign present on the left-hand side corner.
  • Your printer’s model will show on the following screen.
  • Select that at this time, then click to add button to complete the 123 HP setup on your MAC.

How Do You Use To Connect The HP Printer To A Mobile Phone?

  • First, verify that the printer’s hardware is in excellent condition.
  • Make that the printer and mobile device are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • On your smartphone, go to and download the HP ePrint App.
  • Next, choose the mobile data usage option and click “Done.”
  • Your mobile device’s “Home Display” will now open a window. In this window, select “Grant Permission” to set up and add your email account.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to quickly access the file you want to print.
  • Now To print any file or document, open the HP ePrint application.
  • Select on File.
HP Support Assistant | Essential Factors to Consider For Smooth Printing
  • Users should make sure the printer head is dust- and dirt-free. Printing may be hampered in several ways by head dust.

Consider For Smooth Printing


  • There are two methods for removing or cleaning the dust: one is automatic, and the other is manual and involves a muslin cloth. By doing this, the printer will be able to complete its tasks easily and without getting stuck.
  • Never send the HP printer too many print jobs; doing so could results in a printing error.
  • Always print from the printer in normal and drafting modes; it prints faster. The HP printer will operate a very little bit slowly when printing in the maximum DPI or best quality modes.
  • Remove the separators from the papers so that the user can stop the HP printer from printing blank pages when the printing is complete.

Next, confirm that the operating system is running the most latest versions. The user may experience problems when set up the wireless HP printer if this version is out of date.

  • While blank paper prints very quickly, it should be used for printing.
  • The HP printer may have difficulty printing on other types of paper.
  • With the help of HP printers, users can print photos immediately and then frame them to hang on the walls of their homes or places of work.
  • Take good care of your HP printer’s cartridges to avoid drying out from rarely use.
  • Another factor contributing to the cartridge becoming defective is incorrect cartridge refilling.
  • The earliest opportunity exists to replace these empty cartridges.
Support For All Types of Printers:
HP Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printers are commonly used in homes and small offices. As its name implies the inkjet printers use the ink to print text, graphics and images onto various types of paper. It has a  very low print cost of 7 paisa for black and white pages and 18 paisa for color pages.  They offer a good balance and quality, speed and price.

HP Laser Printer
HP Laser Printer

These Printers always give you consistent darker tones, clear and sharp images and of course good quality printing. These types of printers have widely used for printing reports and letter for desktop publishing. Laser printer is always ready to handle high volume print jobs. 

HP All in One Printer
All in One Printer

An all-in-one-printer does the work of a printer, a scanner, and usually a fax. It can copy, send and receive documents, save them on your computer and of course print them out. They are just perfect for everything whether scanning, copying. You can even use an all-in-one to replace your office fax machine.

HP 3D Printer
3D Printer

3D Printers, its name itself tells the whole story. It offers exciting and interesting options for artists, engineers, designers and creative’s .  This printer will let you explore every possible way of expanding your design capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Fix HP Laptop won’t connect to Wifi on Windows 10 & 7

Fixing HP Laptop Not Connecting to Wifi on Windows 7

Users regularly complain that their HP laptop won’t connect to wifi. If this common problem is troubling you as well, please see our post. We’ll show quick solutions for this issue on HP laptops running On windows and Windows 10. We’ll also show you how to set up wifi on your HP laptop in top to these solutions. We can help you with that as well if you’d like to know how to connect your wifi to your computer using Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Fix 1: Enable WLAN Card on Your HP Windows 7 Laptop

Fix 2: Opt for System Recovery on Your HP Windows 7 Laptop

Fix 3: Update Driver Software on Your HP Windows 7 Laptop

How to troubleshoot HP printer paper jam error?

Common Reasons of HP Printer Paper Jam Error:

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting solutions, it is important to know the common possible reasons behind HP printer paper jam error. The most common reasons are:

Overfilling of paper tree: The paper tray comes with a printer that has a certain capacity to load the sheets. Over feeling of the printer tray can cause trouble to users.

Improper positioning of paper: Sometimes the device shows HP printer paper jam error but no paper jam due to improper positioning of the paper in the paper tray. Your printing jobs make it stock when you position the tray correctly.

Incorrect paper: It has been discovered that users often use the poor quality printing paper or wrong size paper and encounter the paper jam error. It is highly recommended that HP printers use the printer manual to understand the right type of paper for printing the documents.

How do I download Printer Assistant?

Download and install HP support assistant the full feature software for your printer from the website.


HP Printer Assistant is not available for Mac computers. The Mac print driver installs HP Utility, which has similar tools and features.

I have a paper jam in HP Printer but cannot find the paper, how do I fix this?

It is important in this situation to note the error code that appears when the printer jams.  This is also a situation where you should contact us at HP Printer Repair Service and place a service call.  The error code will point the HP technician to the area of the machine that is causing the jam.  It is possible for a piece to tear off and lodge itself inside the fuser.  If you cannot easily remove the jammed paper following the correct paper path, call for a technician to prevent further damage to the machine.

Why are there horizontal lines on my prints?

The first step with this type of print quality is to check the printer toner cartridge.  Remove it from the machine and look it over for any damage or excessive leakage.  The best next step is to replace it with another toner cartridge.  If this does not solve the issue you may need a service call  +1-888-789-8389 to diagnose the problem.

Why is my printer not picking up the paper from the tray?

In this situation you want to carefully inspect the tray that is causing the issue.  Look for any damage especially to the lever that adjusts for the size of paper.   In the greater percentage of these instances there is some damage to the tray.  However there could be other causes so a service call +1-888-789-8389 to HP Printer Repair Now may be necessary to properly diagnosis the problem.

Why is my printer pulling from the manual feed or wrong tray?

  1. Check the Printer Properties on the computer for the printer and find the tray selection source to make sure it is set to pull from the proper tray.
  2. On your printer check to make sure that the paper sizes are in the correct trays according to that on your computer.  If it is asking for it to be fed through the manual feed. It may be what is set on your computer for the printer, or the size that is printing is not set up properly in the printer compared to what is on the computer.

Why is my color printer spewing one of the three colors all over the page?

First remove the color cartridge with which you are having an issue and make sure that it is not damaged or leaking.  Replace the cartridge to eliminate the possibility of a bad toner cartridge.  If this does not solve the issue check the event log to determine any error codes.  Then contact us at HP Printer Repair now and we will send a Technician out to you within 4 hours.

This machine will need a service call to +1-888-789-8389 diagnose the issue.