Online Technical Support to Fix Paper Jam Errors in Printer

Paper Jam is one of the most common yet irritating issues printer users face while using such devices. When paper stuck in the machine and can’t move anymore further, you need to manually remove the paper sheet and clear the path. Paper Jam in different types of printers comes due to different reasons. But, if you configure few important settings you can avoid paper jam issues and take uninterrupted prints. However, if printer keeps jamming and you face this problem again and again just dial our support number.

How to Check Paper Jam in Printer?

If your printer is not working properly and paper not moving properly, means the paper sheet is jammed inside your printer machine. To check whether there is paper jam issue or something else you need to manually check the machine and solve the problem. To check the paper jam switch off your printer, open the back cover and see inside if paper is stuck or narrowed in the machine. But make sure printer cools down, especially if you have LaserJet printer that heats up the machine and may cause burn injuries if touched unsafely. However, we can also help you to check the paper jam issue with printer devices.

Steps to Check Printer Paper Jam Error:

  • Look for jammed paper
  • Make sure the carriage can move freely
  • Clean the paper rollers
  • Reset and Service the printer

How to Clean Paper Jam Error in Printer?

When paper is jammed in your printer device you need to clear the path with safe process to avoid any other issues. To clear the paper jam error in printer you can follow the steps given below. Though, different models of printers have different structure, so paper clearing process could be different. To avoid the paper jam errors on your computer you always need to keep the drivers updated, configure the recommended settings, and connect properly with CP to avoid such issues. However, if failed to clean the jammed paper from your printer device, you can get online instructions or ask for printer jam help.

Steps to Clear Paper Jams in Printers:

  • Check the laser printer's user guide for instructions.
  • Look for instructions on the printer.
  • Turn the machine off and open the printer door to find the paper.
  • Check for paper that is stuck and pull out the jammed sheets of paper.
  • Close all of the doors on the laser printer and turn it on.

How to Fix Printer Paper Jam Errors?

When your printer experience the paper jam error may be you also see an error code appearing on your computer screen. You if you can identify the error code you can easily fix the problem causing the paper jam error. Though, there might be different types of error codes can come as per the technical problem your printer is facing at that moment. To know how to repair paper jam in printer follow the steps given below and if such issues come just dial our printer technical support phone number to fix such errors.

Steps to Solve the Issue of Paper Jam in Printer:

  • Turn the printer off and unplug the printer from the A/C outlet.
  • Open the printer and check the paper path for a paper jam or misfeed.
  • Paper crumpled or waded up, carefully remove allthe jammed paper.
  • Paper angled incorrectly, misfeeds through the printer, remove the sheet of paper.
  • Close the printer cover and plug the printer into the A/C outlet.
  • Turn the printer back on and resend the print job.

We Provide Online Support for following Printer Paper Jam Errors:

  • Fix Canon Printer Paper Jam Error
  • Fix Epson Printer Paper Jam Error
  • Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam Error
  • Fix Lexmark Printer Paper Jam Error
  • Fix HP Printer Paper Jam Error
  • Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam Error
  • Fix Toshiba Printer Paper Jam Error
  • Fix Samsung Printer Paper Jam Error
  • Fix Kodak Printer Paper Jam Error
  • Fix Paper Jam Error in LaserJet Printer
  • Fix Paper Jam Error in Inkjet Printer
  • Fix Paper Jam Error in Wireless Printer

Call Printer Support Number 1-888-818-1263 to Fix Paper Jam Errors

While removing the paper from the printer devices always be careful as the back cover would be hot, so wait till it cools down touchable easily with bare hands. Now from the back cover side see if there is any paper stuck there. If you found any piece of paper, just remove them carefully to avoid this problem again on your computer. The best way is find the solution by searching our website with code name or call us at printer customer support number and our expert will help you solve this problem with assured solution.