How to Solve Canon Printer Error b200?

How to Solve Canon Printer Error b200?

Millions of users use the canon printer for personal and professional use. Sometimes users face many errors in their printer like Canon printer error b200 comes when the print head dies. A print head distributes ink to the paper from the cartridges. It can be really frustrating when the print head dies and the printing process break down as it is one of the most important parts. In this blog we explain all the troubleshoot methods. Here are some easy steps to solve Canon printer error code b200.

Canon Printer Error Code B200 – Causes

  • If you buy a cheaper printer sometimes it creates a canon printer error code b200.
  • Using foreign cartridges into Canon printers creates problems. As the printer cannot cope with cartridges which are not its own.
  • Refilling the cartridge with the non-recognized product can lead you to Canon printer error b200
  • Before you dismiss your Canon printer and end up buying a new one, let us tell you that this blog has  the best solution to fix the error

Use the Easy Solutions to Solve Canon Printer Error b200

Here are the easiest solutions to fix the error in your canon printer. Apply the solutions step by step to resolve the issues easily without any trouble. 

1) Reset the Canon Printer

When users are getting canon printer error b200, reset the Canon printer.

  • Firstly disconnect it from the device and leave it unplugged for at least half an hour.
  • It can be helpful to your printer to cool down and clear the cache .Now connects it and sees if the problem is solved.

2) Clean The Printer And Reseat The Print head

  • Printer head gets clogged. Open the printer’s door, disconnect the head of the printer and take it out carefully.
  • In case old ink may get trapped inside the head.
  • Users can run it under hot top water all the ink gets out.
  • Keeps the water flowing until you see clean water?
  • Then use a paper towel to tab it dry.
  • Users can use pure alcohol or some non -oil based cleanser and microfiber cloth to clean the printer’s head.
  • Also rub the gold contacts on the printer head and let it dry for some time.
  • Make sure to handle the printer head carefully as the bottom of the printer head as well.

3) Reseat or Replace the Ink Cartridge

  • Sometimes the ink cartridge is not seated properly .That can be the reason you are getting errors in your printer.
  • Users need to follow the mentioned steps
  • You have to turn off the printer and remove the cartridges if there is enough ink in it, or refill it.
  • Now turn on the printer and you need to wait till get your error message that the cartridge is missing.
  • Insert back the cartridge carefully.
  • Make sure that the cartridge is correctly seated.
  • Restart your printer and check if the printer is working or not.

4) Reinstall the Printer Drivers

  • Get the latest printer drivers download from the canon website.
  • You need to press the Win +I keys on your keyboard to open window settings
  • Choose the application
  • Find the canon printer option and expand it choose uninstall option
  • Now restart your device again, open the setting and enter the device option.
  • Users need to double -click on printer and scanner and choose the issues in printer
  • Enter the remove device option.
  • Printer and scanner windows settings
  • Go to the settings option and enter on the print server driver.
  • Visit on the drivers, tab and choose the particular printer driver.
  • Enter on the remove button
  • After that right- click on the windows search box and select devices manager.
  • Users go to the view tab and enter the show hidden devices option.
  • Choose the install devices option.

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For Quick Solution Connect with Canon Printer Error b200:

We have discussed easy solutions to solve Canon Printer Error b200. All the steps are simple and applicable according to your requirement. If still users face the same issues same as well as then Just contact our technical expert team or Leave your query on our support team mail . Support team will connect with you shortly and solves your query within seconds without any trouble. Our experts are present 24/7 for your support.

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