Lexmark Error Code 1203

How to Fix Lexmark Printer Error Code 1203?

In display panel of Lexmark printer if error code 1203 appears troubleshoot it to identify the error is it hardware or a cartridge issue. Generally 1203 is a common error code for almost all the Lexmark printer and the troubleshooting steps for printers are almost same. Read steps mentioned below to fix Lexmark printer error code 1203 in Lexmark all in one printer.

Steps to Fix Lexmark Printer Error Code 1203:


Step1: Make sure the printer is turned on.

Step2: Pull control panel to access the cartridge panel towards you.

Step3: Cartridge will move to the loading position.

Step4: Pull cartridge out of the printer carefully.

Step5: Close access door and then control panel.

Step6: Restart the printer.

Step7: If still you face the issue move to method2.

Fix Lexmark Printer Error Code 1203


Step1: Now Insert cartridge one by one colored one to left and black will be at right.

Step2: Insert one cartridge at a time to check whether the issue is in the cartridge.

Step3: While inserting make sure the printer is on to check the faulty cartridge.

Step4: If both the cartridge are unable to fix the error code you can search for Lexmark support.

Call Lexmark Support Number 1-888-818-1263 to Fix Printer Cartridge Error 1203

If after executing all the steps given above Lexmark x5470 error 1203 solution is insufficient you can call an expert. To get support call toll free to fix Lexmark printer error you can contact Lexmark support number to get help online to fix the Lexmark printer issues. Our team of technical experts is certified professionals and work here to fix Lexmark printer problems with best Methods to solve the problem.


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