How to Fix Kodak Printhead Error Code 3513?

Generally print head error in Kodak printer is due to connection error between print head connection and the cartridge. Clean the print head and reinstall the cartridge after cleaning to fix error 3513 in Kodak printer. Contact error in printer appears when cleaning is not done in print head for a long time there must be dust or any other depositions like carbon etc.

You can also read our last post if you are getting printer in error state message in printer display panel or in computer. Just read now to know How to Fix Printer in Error State on Windows 10 PC. But to know about fixing the Kodak printer error 3513 read steps below to follow step by step instructions.

Fix Kodak Printhead Error Code 3513

Steps to Fix Kodak Printer ESP 5250 Error Code 3513:

Step1: Make sure the printer is switched on.

Step2:Open control panel in printer display and select servicing mode to check.

Step3: Select option to open the ink cartridge.

Step4:Open the access door and wait for the cartridge to move into a position accessible.

Step5: Remove the cartridge for color and black ink.

Step6:Set these cartridge aside from the printer and remove the printhead.

Step7: Now check print head and clean it with warm water using piece of cotton.

Step8: Let the print head in a piece of cloth to drain the amount of water it contains.

Step9:Now install the print head after drying it and push it firmly till you hear a sound of click.

Step10: Clean both the cartridge and install them one by one push cartridge till you hear a sound of click and check if the Kodak 5250 error code 3513 is resolved.

Call Kodak Support Number 1-888-818-1263 to Fix Printhead Error Codes

If on following all the steps given in the post above Kodak Printhead error code 3513 is unable to fix you can call to get connected with an expert. To get in touch with Kodak professionals you can call toll free Kodak printer customer support and get online help to fix Kodak error codes. A team of certified technical professionals is working to fix here the Kodak printer issues with right approach.

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