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How to Fix Kodak Printer Error Code 3802?

Printers are the devices used to create hard copies of a document containing combination of text and images generally Kodak printer error code 3802 is due to printhead failure error. Kodak possesses ground breaking technology but with devices there are several errors like Print head failure, paper jammed, ink cartridge error.

If you are not able to fix printhead error in Kodak printer read How to Fix Kodak Printhead Error Code 3513. But to know why your printhead is showing failure error in Kodak Printer and to solve the issue read methods listed below to solve the problem and execute them carefully by following instructions step by step to solve Kodak printer printhead failure error.

Kodak Printer Error Code 3802

Steps to Fix Kodak Printer Error Message 3802:


Step1: Open Kodak printer official site and open download section.

Step2: Browse your model number and download latest firmware.

Step3: Install firmware and follow on screen commands.


Step1: Shutdown the printer and remove all the connected cables.

Step2: Wait for printer to get settle down and press power button for 10 seconds.

Step3: Connect power cable and switch on the printer.


Step1: Open doors of the printer to access printhead.

Step2: Remove cartilages and then the printhead.

Step3: Clean both the cartridges and the printhead by cleaning solution.

Step4: Install the cartridges and the printhead to their position.

Step5: Restart the printer and check to fix Kodak Printer Error. 

Call Kodak Support Number +1-888-818-1263 to Fix Kodak Printer Error

To fix various errors faced while using Kodak printer you can follow our latest blogs to solve problems related to printer error codes. If after following the steps listed by technical experts in the blog the Kodak printer error 3802 is not fixed. You can call customer support by dialing +1-888-818-1263 toll free to printer customer support and get connected to certified professionals to get instant assistance to solve the issue with Kodak printer.

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