Dell Printer Error 092-670

How to Fix Dell Printer Error Code 092-670?

Generally, printer error code 092-670 found in Dell printer model 5130cdn the error code is known as yellow calibrating patch error. This issue is caused by various reasons like, drum cartridge, belt unit error etc. The error can be treated in numerous ways which are explained in this blog very well.

Steps to Fix Dell 5130cdn Printer Error Code 092-670:

METHOD1: Initially switch of the printer and disconnect all the cables and usb devices connected to the printer, and wait for 30 seconds. Now restart the printer and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Fix Dell Printer Error Code 092-670


Step1: Open front cover and rotate the lever of locks to inner cover.

Step2: Now hold the handles on the drum cartridge and pull out the cartridge halfway you want to remove.

Step3: Now hold one side of cartridge with other hand and pull out from the printer.

Step4: Replace the cartridge to the correct slot, now remove protective covering orange to install drum cartridge and Discard.

Step5: Now, press the inner cover and rotate the liver to close it.

Step6: From the back side of front cover remove the cleaning rod.

Step7: Press white tab from thumb and index finger and remove cleaning pad.

Step8: Unpack new cleaning pad and attach it with cleaning rod.

Step9: Now insert the cleaning rod to click one of the four holes at the back. One time insertion of cleaning rod to all holes will be sufficient and install it back.


Step1: Raise the latch of the right hand cover to open it, rotate the lever locks to open front cover.

Step2: Grab the handle of belt unit, pull unit till the line is completely visible on the unit.

Step3: Now grab the handle on top of unit and pull to remove it from printer.

Step4: Now back and forth slide tab 5times and hold the handle at the top of the unit.

Step5: Align arrows on the printer to belt arrows, and slide the unit into the printer till visible line.

Step6: Now lower the handles and push belt unit to front to reinstall.

Step7: Close inner and rotate levers to lock the cover.

Call Dell Support Number 1-888-818-1263 to Fix Printer Error 092-670

If user is not able to fix Dell printer error code after following all the steps given above you can call an expert. User can get in touch with Dell professionals to contact printer error support technicians and get online help to fix Printer problem. A team of expert tech professionals working here to fix the Dell printer errors for 5130cdn model with right approach.

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