How to Fix Dell Printer Error 006 370?

The error in dell printer 006 370 is known as ROS (internal print head error) is detected this is avoided after trying not to overload printing Queue and clean print head time to time. In general soft reset to the printer and clearing over burden or queue not responding after performing end task to the computer.

If Printer Error Code 092-670 is seen in Dell printers you need to know best methods on How to Fix Dell Printer Error Code 092-670. But to Fix Dell Printer Error code 006 370 you need to execute best available methods listed in the blog below to solve the ROS (internal print head error).

Dell Printer Error 006 370

Steps to Fix Dell 5110 Printer Error 006-370:


Step1: Open the printing queue of the printer and cancel all the pending jobs.

Step2: Turn the printer off and remove all the cables including power cable.

Step3: Press and hold the power button for a duration of 60 seconds after settling the printer.

Step4: Connect only power cable and power on the printer.

Step5: Print test page.

  • Hit menu button and select reports/lists.
  • Select system settings and press test print button.

Step6: Move to method2 if test print is not working.


Step1: Open the doors of the printer and detach cartridge from the printer one by one.

Step2: Detach print head from the printer and clean print head carefully.

Step3: Clean the connections to the print head and clean the connection to the cartridge.

Step4: Reset the print head and reset the cartridge and start printing.

Call Dell Support Number +1-888-818-1263 to Fix Dell Printer Error Code 006 370

If after following all the methods you are not able to solve dell error 006-370 restart printer error you can now just dial toll free number +1-888-818-1263. You can get assistance online by connecting to printer customer support to get instant help from certified technical professionals.

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