Canon Printer Not Connect to Wi-Fi

How to Fix Canon Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi Error?

The process of setting up a Wi-Fi printer is a difficult task as from printer to printer the setup will vary a little bit on the type of printer you are going to pair with. A change in Wi-Fi credential will also provide an error and the error can be resolved only after updating the credential for Wi-Fi.

Canon is known to make robust printer which are very helpful in performing tasks without any delays. While using canon printer you can also face many issues like connectivity, paper jam, spooler and many more issue. To solve various issues user can visit latest posts describing the solutions to Fix Canon Printer Error.

Steps to Fix Canon Printer Wi-Fi Connection Setup Error:


Step1: Restart the printer and Press WPS button and hold until you get alarm beep flashed.

Step2: Now press WPS button within two minutes when light next to WPS button flashes blue.

Step3: The printer will automatically make connection and light stop flashing.

Step4: If printer is not able to connect then press menu button in the printer.

Step5: Use arrow key to navigate to WLAN setup and press ok button.

Step6: Select standard setup on access point and press ok button and enter phrase and press ok button.

Step7: Enter paraphrase and press ok button to execute.


Step1: Tap windows button and open settings on lower left side of windows.

Step2: Click on devices located at the left of the settings window and click scanners and printers.

Step3: Click on add printer button and click on the printers name in the window.

Note: Make sure the Wifi is enabled in the printer as well as system.


Step1: Switch off all the devices and disconnect all the cables.

Step2: Wait for 60 seconds and 10 minutes for the printer.

Step3: Press and Hold power button for 60 seconds.

Step4: Connect all the cables and switch on all the devices.

Step5: Repeat method1 for printer and Wifi and method2 for computers.

Call Printer Support Number +1-888-818-1263 to Fix Canon Printer not Connecting to Wi-Fi

While connecting canon printer using Wi-Fi mode to a computer and error is faced you can contact printer support number. If you are not able to get connected to the canon printer after performing methods listed in the blog can call toll free+1-888-818-1263 to get round the clock instant online help.

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