canon printer error b200

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code B200?

When a service error has occurred in cannon printer you may receive an error code b200 error in mp and mx series Canon printer. The error code generally seen in the canon printer, when print head is creating an issue or there is an overheating issue with canon printer.

To know best methods to fix Canon printer error code B200. You can read latest blogs on canon printers. You can also fix Canon printer error code 5200 and various errors you face with canon printer in general the printer is easy to use and the troubleshooting for an error is user friendly. Some error codes are predefined to the dedicated error but some error occurs due to a miscellaneous errors.

Fix canon printer error code b200

Steps to Fix Canon Printer Error Code B200:


Step1: Set printer on service mode and open the door of the printer.

Step2: Remove all the cartridge one by one and clean them carefully.

Step3: Insert the cartridge one by one till hears a click sound after every cartridge inserted.


Step1: Repeat step1 of method1 and remove print head carefully.

Step2: Clean print head of the printer carefully using 10%alcohol solution.

Step3: Install the print head on the printer and check Canon mx870 b200 error is resolved.


Step1: Shutdown the printer.

Step2: Unplug all the connected cables to the printer including power cable.

Step3:Wait for 60 seconds and restart the printer.

Step4: Switch on the printer and check Canon mx922 b200 error is fixed.

Call Canon Support Number 1-888-818-1263 to Fix Canon Printer Error Codes

You can follow all the methods in the blog to fix the Canon printer error code B200. If you are not able to fix error code you face with your canon printer you can get in touch with technical support. To contact Canon printer customer support number dial toll free +1888-818-1263 and get help online from a team of certified professionals and fix Canon printer error code.

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