How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5b00?

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5b00?

Nowadays Canon Printers are known for their quality services. Because of so many technical features the Canon Printers are giving these technical drawbacks. So in this blog section we are providing the solution of the mostly asked questions i.e. How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5b00. Reach out to us and get guidance on various Canon Printer issues.  This Canon Printer Error 5b00 is very common nowadays.  Canon is one of the best printers in the market and thus this brand has a reach to so many users. And we, Printer experts are helping the users how to get rid of this error.

Here Learn How to Fix Canon Printer 5b00 Error?

Usually this error comes because of ink spills on your printer. The same thing is with a full ink absorber or full waste ink counter, so reset it.

Fix Canon Printer Error 5b00

  1. The waste ink counter should be reset

  •   First , disconnect the printer’s USB cord
  •   Press the Power Button after releasing the cartridge door
  •   Holding the power button down while inserting the power cord into a plug socket
  •   keep holding the power button until the printer starts to restart itself . You may let it go once the lights are on
  •   Hold off until the green power light stops flashing. Next quickly press and let go of the power button twice.
  •   After another five seconds , the green light must stabilize
  •   You are welcome to shut the cartridge door and attempt printing once more.
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Manually clean the waste ink pad

  •   Check the ink cartridge area. This  compartment may  be   located  at the front  or the back of the device , depending on the  model you are using
  •   Wait for the ink cartridges to shift all the way over, Next, unplug the printer’s supply.
  •   A row of white rollers is located behind the cartridge. Search for a tiny square that resembles a foam pad close to the roller
  •   The waste ink absorber must be removed by gently pulling on its rubber frame.
  •   Use a paper towel to wipe it down .Make an effort to gather all ink  waste on paper towel pieces
  •   Readjust each cartridge to its proper location, Reinstall the Printer’s frame.
  •   holding the Power Button will now allow you to reconnect the power cord
  •   Release the button once the printer has turned on. Push the power button once more after waiting five seconds. This clears the 5b00 error code and resets the printer’s internal memory.
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These are some of a few tips that you can follow that could possibly resolve your issue. Use the advice above and let us know if it helped you. Please feel free to post any additional queries or recommendations in the section below or you can contact us at Canon printer support toll free number

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